Spring Conference 2024

April 24th - 26th, University of Limerick

R@ISE Spring Conference 2024

The R@ISE Spring Conference took place across three days (April 24th to 26th) at University of Limerick. With over 110 registered delegates including industry, academics, researchers, post-graduate students and undergraduate students the conference was a great success. Sessions included a total of 30 in-person and virtual presentations from R@ISE partners and collaborators from around the world (Germany – TU Dortmund, USA – Iowa State University, Italy – University of Torino, Norway – University of Stavanger) as well as from Lero, Confirm, the CRT-AI, I-Form, Irish Research Council, the HRI, LDCRC and the Bernal Institute. The two panel discussions and poster sessions further showcased the ongoing work in research with some contributions by FYP students, PDEng students and PhD students funded in the Sustainability Challenge program.

The panel discussions mentioned above focused on linking the scientific concepts discussed during the presentations to practical applications in industry. Wednesday’s panel (Prof. Tiziana Margaria – UL, Dr. Salim Saay – UL, and Daniel Busch – TU Dortmund) examined challenges and opportunities related to the Platforms of the Future. The final day concluded with a panel on Software and Systems Development: From Theory to Practice (Prof Martin Leucker – University of Lubeck, Prof Lionel Briand – UL/ Lero, Dr Patrick Healy – UL, Alan Dooley – Limerick City & County Council, Peter Mangan – Intel).

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3

R@ISE in 2023...

2023 saw the launch of R@ISE in UL on the 4th of April. Following the launch of the programme, the first annual R@ISE Spring Conference was held at the University of Limerick. 

The conference saw members of the R@ISE consortium both national and international attend in person and virtually for the two day event.

The 2023 conference programme can be downloaded here.

Launch of R@ISE in UL, April 2023

R@ISE Conference 2023

In October, R@ISE had a special track as part of the First International AISoLA conference in Create. The theme of the conference was Bridging the Gap Between AI and Reality. Further information on the “AI and R@ISE” Sessions can be found here.

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